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Index map of Truk Islands 1:20,000
United States. Army Map...
Truk Islands (Hogolu Is...
E 151°36'00"--E 152°02'...
Contributor United States. Army Map Service.
Map Set Title Truk Islands (Hogolu Islands) Caroline group
Temporal Coverage 1943
Coordinate E 151°36'00"--E 152°02'00"/N 7°41'30"--N 6°58'30"
Index map of Palau Islands 1:12,500
United States. Army Map...
Palau Islands 1:12,500
E 134°00'--E 135°00'/N ...
Contributor United States. Army Map Service.
Map Set Title Palau Islands 1:12,500
Temporal Coverage 1946
Coordinate E 134°00'--E 135°00'/N 8°20'--N 6°50'
Index map of Australia 1:1,000,000
United States. Army Map...
Australia 1:1,000,000
E 100º--W 160º/S 0º--S ...
Map Set Title Australia 1:1,000,000
Temporal Coverage 1942-
Coordinate E 100º--W 160º/S 0º--S 60º
Index to maps of Fiji Islands 1:250,000
United States. Army Map...
Colony of Fiji 1:250,00...
E 155º--E 180º/S 0º--S ...
Map Set Title Colony of Fiji 1:250,000
Temporal Coverage 1942-1943
Coordinate E 155º--E 180º/S 0º--S 25º
Index to maps of Solomon Islands 1:126,720
United States. Army Map...
Bougainville and Buka I...
E 154º--E 158º/S 5º--S ...
Contributor United States. Army. Corps of Engineers.
Map Set Title Bougainville and Buka Islands, Buka Passage and vicinity, Solomon Islands
Temporal Coverage 1943-1945
Coordinate E 154º--E 158º/S 5º--S 7º
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