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Index map of Turkey 1:800,000
United States. Army Map...
W 20º--E 100º/N 60º--N ...
Contributor Great Britain. War Office. General Staff. Geographical Section.
Map Set Title Turkey
Temporal Coverage 1941-
Coordinate W 20º--E 100º/N 60º--N 20º
Index map of Syria 1:500,000
United States. Army Map...
Levant 1:500,000
E 35º--E 50º/N 40º--N 3...
Contributor Great Britain. Army. Middle East Forces.
Map Set Title Levant 1:500,000
Temporal Coverage 1942-1943
Coordinate E 35º--E 50º/N 40º--N 30º
Index to maps of Southwestern Asia 1:250,000
United States. Army Map...
Southwestern Asia 1:250...
E 32°--E 60°/N 49°--N 1...
Contributor United States. Army Map Service.
Map Set Title Southwestern Asia 1:250,000
Temporal Coverage 1953-
Coordinate E 32°--E 60°/N 49°--N 12°
Index to Asia transportation maps [1:4,000,000]
United States. Army Map...
Asia transportation map...
E 15º--E 150º/N 85º--N ...
Map Set Title Asia transportation map 1:4,000,000 : Middle East
Temporal Coverage 1961
Coordinate E 15º--E 150º/N 85º--N 0º
Index to world road maps 1:1,000,000
United States. Army Map...
World road maps : Middl...
E 24º--E 64º/N 44º--N 1...
Map Set Title World road maps : Middle East
Temporal Coverage 1962
Coordinate E 24º--E 64º/N 44º--N 16º
Index to maps of Africa 1:2,000,000
United States. Army Map...
Africa 1:2,000,000
E 18°--W 56°/N38°--S 36...
Contributor United States. Army Map Service.
Map Set Title Africa 1:2,000,000
Temporal Coverage 1943-
Coordinate E 18°--W 56°/N38°--S 36°
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