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Kalamazoo Gas Company d...
Siewert, Herman
approximately 1913
Kalamazoo (Mich.)
Kalamazoo Gas Company display stand, Michigan
Alternative Title
“Iwantu” Gas Iron promotional stand, Kalamazoo, Michigan
approximately 1913
Promotional stand in an event hall for the “Iwantu” Gas Iron sponsored by the Kalamazoo Gas Company. A sign over the stand reads, "A Whole Weeks Ironing 4 cents with the Iwantu Gas Iron." A woman poses with the iron and a nearby trivet. Other signs posted on the display read "It saves dust & dirt," "It saves fuel & money," and "It Saves Time & Labor”. The “Iwantu” gas iron was made by Strause Gas Iron Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Kalamazoo Gas Company ran a promotion in 1913 offering the iron for 50 cents down payment and 75 cents a month for four months. Back of photo identifies woman as "My mother Nina Williams Worline”.
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