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Portrait of Dale Humphr...
Bristol Studio
after 1926
Portrait of Dale Humphrey and wife Bertha
Photograph of a man and woman. The photograph is mounted in an ornate trifold card-stock frame and is well oxidized. Printing on front: "Dale Humphrey and Wife Bertha. The Bristol Studio, Galesburg, Mich." Dale Williams Humphrey born 7 August 1897 Richland, died 4 September 1976, buried Prairie Home Cemetery Richland, Michigan. He grew up on a farm in Richland. Later he ran his family' s resort on Gull Lake, Michigan and worked in plant protection at Gibson, Inc., Kalamazoo for 20 years. Dale married Bertha May Downey, born 22 May 1905 Decator, Illinois. Bertha taught third grade in District number 6, died 1984, Kalamazoo, Michigan, buried in Prairie Home Cemetery, Richland, Michigan.
after 1926
Time Period
1920 - 1929
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