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Bradley sisters, Mary a...
before 1918
Bradley sisters, Mary and Sarah, daughters of Rev. Milton Bradley
Copy of an oval photograph on black cardboard. Text on back: "Bradley sisters, daughters of Rev. Milton Bradley. From Miss Balls. L. Mary, R. Sarah, Copy 6-11-79. P-278." Sara Ann Bradley, born Parkville, Kings County New York 22 August 1842, died 10 January 1918 Richland, Michigan. In 1870 Sarah was a teacher and by 1900 her occupation was as a painter. Mary B. Bradley, born September 1846 in Michigan, died 14 December 1919, Richland, Michigan. In 1870 Mary was a teacher. In 1886 Mary Bradley was elected Secretary of the Richland Ladies Library Association, a post she held for 23 years. Both Sara and Mary are buried in Prairie Home Cemetery, Richland, Michigan.
before 1918
Time Period
1900 - 1919
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