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D.C. Olin Houseboat
Gull Lake (Mich.)
Title D.C. Olin Houseboat
Description Photograph of a two-level houseboat on Gull Lake in Michigan.
Captain C.E. Norton and...
Gull Lake (Mich.)
Title Captain C.E. Norton and the Brownie
Description The Brownie, a gasoline launch for hire on Gull Lake, is captained by C.E. Norton.
Date 1923
Time Period 1920 - 1929
Ladies in a boat
Gull Lake (Mich.)
Title Ladies in a boat
Description Tour boat on Gull Lake during Ladies Day.
Gull Lake, Nu-Way groce...
Gull Lake (Mich.)
Title Gull Lake, Nu-Way grocery boat
Description Caption: "The Nu-Way was Gull Lake's floating grocery in 1910"
Date 1910
Time Period 1910 - 1919
Gull Lake, mail boat
Gull Lake (Mich.)
Title Gull Lake, mail boat
Description Photograph of a boat on Gull Lake with boathouses on the shoreline. Caption: "Later after the ‘Gull’ the boat known as the ‘Alert’ was engaged in the mail service"
Small steamboat on Gull...
Gull Lake (Mich.)
Title Small steamboat on Gull Lake
Description Small steamboat with canopy on the waters of Gull Lake, Michigan.
Gull Lake steamboats "Q...
Gull Lake (Mich.)
Title Gull Lake steamboats "Queen City" and "Michigan"
Description Steamboats and people near the shore of Gull Lake, Michigan.
Queen City steamboat
Gull Lake (Mich.)
Title Queen City steamboat
Description Passengers stand on the dock and deck of the Queen City steamboat on Gull Lake, Michigan. Photograph from the Lepper Family Collection, Roy Kent of Hickory Corners.
Time Period 1900 - 1909
Donald Gilmore on a doc...
Gull Lake (Mich.)
Title Donald Gilmore on a dock by Gull Lake
Description Donald Gilmore and others on standing on a dock on Gull Lake. A small steamboat and a pontoon boat are tied up at the dock.
Subject [Gilmore, Donald S., 1895-1979, Gull Lake (Mich.), Boats and boating, Steamboats]
Date 1964-09-17/20
Walt Disney and a steam...
Gull Lake (Mich.)
Title Walt Disney and a steamboat on Gull Lake
Description Walt Disney stand on a dock, his foot on a small steamboat. A woman pours champagne onto the boat as a man in a captain hat smiles.
Subject [Disney, Walt, 1901-1966, Gull Lake (Mich.), Boats and boating, Steamboats]
Date 1964-09-17/20
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