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Index to maps of Europe, North Africa and Asia 1:4,000,000
United States. Army Map...
Europe, North Africa an...
Contributor United States. Army Map Service.
Map Set Title Europe, North Africa and Asia 1:4,000,000
Temporal Coverage 1942-
Index to maps of North Africa
North Africa 1:250,000
W 10°30´--E 37°30´/N 37...
Map Set Title North Africa 1:250,000
Temporal Coverage 1968
Coordinate W 10°30´--E 37°30´/N 37°00´--N 19°00´
Index map of French North Africa 1;500,000
French North Africa 1:5...
W 11°--E 12°/N38°--N 28...
Map Set Title French North Africa 1:500,000
Temporal Coverage 1945
Coordinate W 11°--E 12°/N38°--N 28°
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