1. Advertising--Paper produc … (1)
  2. Advertising--Railroads--U … (1)
  3. Advertising-Paper product … (1)
  4. Aero-Motive Manufacturing … (1)
  5. American Cancer Society (1)
  6. American National Bank (K … (1)
  7. Art deco (Architecture)-- … (1)
  8. Automobile repair shops-- … (1)
  9. Billboards--Michigan--Kal … (1)
  10. Business enterprises--Mic … (1)
  11. Cancer--Research (1)
  12. Cartoon characters (1)
  13. Commercial vehicles--Mich … (1)
  14. Dairy farming--Michigan (1)
  15. Decoration and ornament-- … (1)
  16. Del Monte (1)
  17. Delivery of goods--Michig … (1)
  18. Display of merchandise--M … (8)
  19. Disposable tableware--Mic … (2)
  20. Distributors (Commerce)-- … (1)
  21. Geo. W. Taylor (Firm) (1)
  22. Grocers--Michigan--Kalama … (1)
  23. Grocery trade--Michigan-- … (1)
  24. Hydroplanes--Michigan--Ka … (1)
  25. Industrial equipment indu … (1)
  26. Kalamazoo County Building … (1)
  27. Kalamazoo County Courthou … (1)
  28. Lakes--Michigan--Kalamazo … (1)
  29. Laundry--Equipment and su … (1)
  30. Men's clothing--Michigan- … (1)
  31. Package goods industry (2)
  32. Paper containers--Michiga … (1)
  33. Paper products industry-- … (3)
  34. Pharmaceutical industry-- … (1)
  35. Railroad equipment indust … (1)
  36. Roads, Brick--Michigan--K … (1)
  37. Sales promotion--Michigan … (1)
  38. Shop windows--Michigan--K … (1)
  39. Show windows--Michigan--K … (2)
  40. Sleds & sleighs--Michigan … (1)
  41. Storefronts--Michigan--Ka … (1)
  42. Stores, Retail--Michigan- … (2)
  43. Streets--Michigan--Kalama … (1)
  44. Students--Michigan--Kalam … (1)
  45. Trade shows--Michigan--Ka … (1)
  46. United Society of Christi … (1)
  47. Vans--Michigan--Kalamazoo (1)
  48. Washing machines--Michiga … (1)
  49. Writing--Materials and in … (1)

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Aero-Motive Manufacturing Company, "Reels for Industry", catalog cover for industrial reels
Aero-Motive Manufacturi...
Kalamazoo; Michigan
Date 1969-04-14
Location Kalamazoo; Michigan
Subject [Advertising--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Industrial equipment industry--Michigan--Kalamazoo--Catalogs, Aero-Motive Manufacturing Company (Kalamazoo, Mich.)--Catalogs]
Client Aero-Motive Manufacturing Company (Kalamazoo, Mich.)
Christian Endeavor Billboard in front of Kalamazoo County Courthouse
Christian Endeavor Bill...
Kalamazoo; Michigan
[United Society of Chri...
Date 1945-02-28
Location Kalamazoo; Michigan
Subject [United Society of Christian Endeavor, Art deco (Architecture)--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Streets--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Billboards--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Advertising--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County Courthouse (Kalamazoo, Mich.), Kalamazoo County Building (Kalamazoo, Mich.)]
Client [Mulholland Advertising Company, Kephart, C. M.]
American Cancer Society public service window display
American Cancer Society...
Kalamazoo; Michigan
[American Cancer Societ...
Date 1945-04-20
Location Kalamazoo; Michigan
Subject [American Cancer Society, Show windows--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Advertising--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Cancer--Research]
Client [American Society for the Control of Cancer, Hornbeck, Mrs.]
Sutherland Paper Company, school boy writing at desk
Sutherland Paper Compan...
Kalamazoo; Michigan
Date 1946-02-01
Location Kalamazoo; Michigan
Subject [Advertising--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Students--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Writing--Materials and instruments]
Client [Sutherland Paper Company, Gibbs, Shirley H.]
Neil's Automotive Service, trade show display
Neil's Automotive Servi...
Kalamazoo; Michigan
Date 1940-08-06
Location Kalamazoo; Michigan
Subject [Advertising--Michigan--Kalamazoo, American National Bank (Kalamazoo, Mich.), Automobile repair shops--Marketing]
Client Neils Automotive Service
Geo. W. Taylor Co., menswear display window
Geo. W. Taylor Co., men...
Kalamazoo; Michigan
[Men's clothing--Michig...
Date 1939-03-24
Location Kalamazoo; Michigan
Subject [Men's clothing--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Advertising--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Shop windows--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Geo. W. Taylor (Firm)]
Client Taylor, George W.
Sutherland Paper Company, egg carton with die
Sutherland Paper Compan...
Kalamazoo; Michigan
[Paper products industr...
Date 1956-07
Location Kalamazoo; Michigan
Subject [Paper products industry--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Paper containers--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Advertising--Michigan--Kalamazoo]
Client [Sutherland Paper Company, Wetherbee, Jim]
Sutherland Paper Company, Drive-In brand paper plates, napkins, cups, and trays
Sutherland Paper Compan...
Kalamazoo; Michigan
[Paper products industr...
Date 1957-01-29
Location Kalamazoo; Michigan
Subject [Paper products industry--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Advertising--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Disposable tableware--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Advertising-Paper products--Michigan--Kalamazoo]
Client [Sutherland Paper Company, Neal, Don]
Otto Kihm Tire Company, delivery van, exterior, with driver
Otto Kihm Tire Company,...
Kalamazoo; Michigan
[Business enterprises--...
Date 1957-12
Location Kalamazoo; Michigan
Subject [Business enterprises--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Advertising--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Vans--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Sales promotion--Michigan--Kalamazoo]
Client [Otto Kihm (Firm), McIntyre, William A.]
Adams Insulation Company, delivery truck
Adams Insulation Compan...
Kalamazoo; Michigan
[Commercial vehicles--M...
Date 1944-04-13
Location Kalamazoo; Michigan
Subject [Commercial vehicles--Michigan-Kalamazoo, Advertising--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Delivery of goods--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Roads, Brick--Michigan--Kalamazoo]
Client Adams Insulation Company
Consumers Power Company, window display advertising National Washer and Ironer Week
Consumers Power Company...
Kalamazoo; Michigan
[Stores, Retail--Michig...
Date 1939-10-17
Location Kalamazoo; Michigan
Subject [Stores, Retail--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Display of merchandise--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Advertising--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Laundry--Equipment and supplies, Washing machines--Michigan--Kalamazoo]
Client Consumers Power Company
Cream Top Creamery, trade show display
Cream Top Creamery, tra...
Kalamazoo; Michigan
[Dairy farming--Michiga...
Date 1940-01-07
Location Kalamazoo; Michigan
Subject [Dairy farming--Michigan, Advertising--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Decoration and ornament--Art deco, Trade shows--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Decoration and ornament--Art deco]
Client Cream Top Creamery (Kalamazoo, Mich.)
Del Monte display at Collisons Grocery Store
Del Monte display at Co...
Kalamazoo; Michigan
[Grocery trade--Michiga...
Date 1940-04-05
Location Kalamazoo; Michigan
Subject [Grocery trade--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Del Monte, Advertising--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Grocers--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Display of merchandise--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Distributors (Commerce)--Michigan--Kalamazoo]
Client Mr. Owen, Hudson Manor
DeGroot's, exterior with typewriters stacked in front of display window
DeGroot's, exterior wit...
Kalamazoo; Michigan
[Stores, Retail--Michig...
Date 1949-01-17
Location Kalamazoo; Michigan
Subject [Stores, Retail--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Storefronts--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Display of merchandise--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Advertising--Michigan--Kalamazoo]
Client DeGroots Typewriter Exchange
Display of "Force" Cereal boxes
Display of "Force" Cere...
Kalamazoo; Michigan
[Package goods industry...
Date 1940-05-15
Location Kalamazoo; Michigan
Subject [Package goods industry, Display of merchandise--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Advertising--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Cartoon characters]
Client Wilson Barrett Agency
Bowers Manufacturing Company, display of windproof lighters
Bowers Manufacturing Co...
Kalamazoo; Michigan
[Package goods industry...
Date 1949-05-17
Location Kalamazoo; Michigan
Subject [Package goods industry, Display of merchandise--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Advertising--Michigan--Kalamazoo]
Client Bowers Manufacturing Co. (Kalamazoo, Mich.)
Kalamazoo Sled Company, display of Champion sleds
Kalamazoo Sled Company,...
Kalamazoo; Michigan
[Display of merchandise...
Date 1950-01-10
Location Kalamazoo; Michigan
Subject [Display of merchandise--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Sleds & sleighs--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Advertising--Michigan--Kalamazoo]
Client Kalamazoo Sled Company
Kalamazoo Manufacturing Company, products display window at First National Bank
Kalamazoo Manufacturing...
Kalamazoo; Michigan
Date 1957-03
Location Kalamazoo; Michigan
Subject [Advertising--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Display of merchandise--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Show windows--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Railroad equipment industry--Michigan--Kalamazoo]
Client Kalamazoo Manufacturing Company
Science and Mechanics, two young men in a Scat Cat Boat
Science and Mechanics, ...
Kalamazoo; Michigan
Date 1957-04
Location Kalamazoo; Michigan
Subject [Advertising--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Hydroplanes--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Lakes--Michigan--Kalamazoo County]
Client [Science and Mechanics Magazine, Wentzell, James]
Kalamazoo Vitamin Company, Premier Vitamins bottles
Kalamazoo Vitamin Compa...
Kalamazoo; Michigan
[Pharmaceutical industr...
Date 1959-03
Location Kalamazoo; Michigan
Subject [Pharmaceutical industry--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Advertising--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Display of merchandise--Michigan--Kalamazoo]
Client Papco, Inc.
Sutherland Paper Company, seven paper railroad cups
Sutherland Paper Compan...
Kalamazoo; Michigan
[Paper products industr...
Date 1939-05-11
Location Kalamazoo; Michigan
Subject [Paper products industry--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Advertising--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Disposable tableware--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Advertising--Paper products--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Advertising--Railroads--United States]
Client Sutherland Paper Company
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