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Bayou: for Pete Karr [broadside]
Bayou: for Pete Karr [b...
[Relief prints, America...
Creator Schanilec, Gaylord, wood engraver
Subject [Relief prints, American poetry--Women authors, Wood engravings--United States--20th century, Color wood engravings--United States--20th century, Broadsides--Wisconsin]
Source Karr, Mary. Bayou: for Pete Karr. [Stockholm, Wis.]: Midnight Paper Sales, 1996.
Date Original 2000
Yonnondio [broadside]
Yonnondio [broadside]
[Relief prints, Woodcut...
Creator Bolotin, Jay, woodcutter
Subject [Relief prints, Woodcuts--United States--20th century, Broadsides--Ohio, American poetry--Women authors]
Source Olsen, Tillie. A selection from Yonnondio, from the thirties. Logan Elm Press & Papermill, Columbus, Ohio, 1992.
Date Original 1992
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