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Group photograph of nur...
ca. 1928
Kalamazoo (Mich.)
Title Group photograph of nurses at the Kalamazoo State Hospital, Michigan
Date ca. 1928
Description Kalamazoo State Hospital nurses, in uniform and caps, gathered outside. Names included on the back of the photograph include (order uncertain): Marie Marr, Margaret Madden, Wadeen Reddinger, Alma Allen, Mrs. Daalder, Bessie Van Trease, Krueger, Lucy Clark, Mrs. Hathaway, Mrs. Murphy, Viola McKinnon, Bertha Gay, Muriel Lawrence, La Monk, Ruth Stuart. Kalamazoo State Hospital, founded as the Michigan Asylum for the Insane, was renamed in 1911 and later became known for pioneering improved medical treatment of mentally ill patients. The hospital also was a pioneer in the creation of nursing and occupational therapy programs.
Kroger Store, interior,...
ca. 1927
Kalamazoo (Mich.)
Title Kroger Store, interior, 1227 Lincoln Avenue, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Date ca. 1927
Description Interior of Kroger Store butcher and deli counter on 1227 Lincoln Avenue, Kalamazoo, Michigan. A man in a white apron and tie stands behind the counter with meat saws, clevers, and scales. The store features a tin ceiling, glass display cases with cuts of meat, and pickle jars on top of the display case. Historically, 1227 E. Michigan Avenue was known as 1227 Lincoln Avenue.
Manual Arts Building at...
ca. 1925
Title Manual Arts Building at Western State Normal School, exterior
Date ca. 1925
Time Period 1920 - 1929
Description Exterior of the Manual Arts Building with car parked in front of the building. Also known as Manual Training Building. First known as the Mechanical Trades Building built in 1941. By 1965, it was renamed to the Industrial Arts Building. In 1965, it was vacated when the College of Applied Science programs moved into the new Industrial Engineering Technology facility in Kohrmann Hall. The building then became the home to the University's Brink Printing Services, named after Lawrence J. Brink, director of the first Printing Management program in Michigan. The Brink Building was demolished in 2001. Turbine bas-reliefs from the facade were preserved and displayed on the College of Engineering campus.
Members of the Merry Ma...
ca. 1920
Kalamazoo (Mich.)
Title Members of the Merry Maids Club, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Date ca. 1920
Description Members of the Merry Maids Club of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Eight girls of varying ages stand in front of a woman holding the edge of an American flag. One young woman in front holds a sign, "Merry Maids Club" and wears a headpiece with a star. The Merry Maids Club was an organization for girls and young women affiliated with the First Presbyterian Church in Kalamazoo.
Rose Netzorg Kerr on st...
ca. 1921
Kerr, Rose Netzorg, 189...
Title Rose Netzorg Kerr on stairs of East Hall
Date ca. 1921
Time Period 1920 - 1929
Description Photograph of Rose Netzorg on the stairs of East Hall. She was the head of the Art Department at Western State Normal School from 1912-1922.
Six young women in a bo...
ca 1925
Kalamazoo (Mich.)
Title Six young women in a boat on the Kalamazoo River, Michigan
Date ca 1925
Description Photograph of six unidentified women in a wooden boat on the Kalamazoo River. The women are wearing cloche hats, knickers, middy blouses, and sweaters.
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