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Carrie Stoeri, faculty,...
Stoeri, Carrie E., 1906...
Title Carrie Stoeri, faculty, portrait
Date 1948
Time Period 1940 - 1949
Description Studio portrait of Carrie E. Stoeri. Stoeri, who served as secretary to the Registrar from 1932-1937 and secretary to the Dean of Women from 1937-1946 at Western Michigan College of Education. Photo appears in Cincinnati Enquirer, October 17, 1948 at the time she is appointed head of the Central Registration and Clerical Personnel of the Cincinnati YWCA.
Index to maps of U.S. Army areas 1:1,000,000
United States. Army Map...
U.S. Army areas 1:1,000...
W 125º--W 67º/N 49º--N ...
Map Set Title U.S. Army areas 1:1,000,000
Temporal Coverage 1948
Coordinate W 125º--W 67º/N 49º--N 25º
Index map of Malaya 1:63,360
Malaya 1:63,360
E 100°--E 105°/N 7°--N ...
Map Set Title Malaya 1:63,360
Temporal Coverage 1948
Coordinate E 100°--E 105°/N 7°--N 0°
Index map of Luzon 1:50,000
Luzon 1:50,000
E 119°--E 125°/N 20°--N...
Map Set Title Luzon 1:50,000
Temporal Coverage 1948
Coordinate E 119°--E 125°/N 20°--N 12°
Index map of Sulu Archipelago 1:50,000
Sulu Archipelago 1:50,0...
E 119°--E 123°/N 07°--N...
Map Set Title Sulu Archipelago 1:50,000
Temporal Coverage 1948
Coordinate E 119°--E 123°/N 07°--N 04°
Index map of East Africa 1:500,000
East Africa 1:500,000
E 30°00´--E 51°30´/N 20...
Map Set Title East Africa 1:500,000
Temporal Coverage 1948
Coordinate E 30°00´--E 51°30´/N 20°00´--S 22°00´
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