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[Reproduction of Flower Studies, Painted with Munsell Water Colors [Plate], Color Notation, A Color Notation]
[Reproduction of Flower...
[Plates (illustrations)...
Creator Walker Lith. & Pub. Co. lithographers
Subject [Plates (illustrations), Planographic prints, Lithographs--United States--20th century, Color lithographs--United States--20th century, Chromolithographs--United States--20th century, Color]
Source Munsell, A. H. (Albert Henry), 1858-1918. A color notation: a measured color system, based on the three qualities hue, value, and chroma; with illustrative models, charts, and a course of study arranged for teachers. 2d ed. rev. & enl. Boston: Geo. H. Ellis Co., 1907.
Date Original 1908
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