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Sutherland Paper Company, paperboard cartons made including U.S. Army Field Ration K boxes
Sutherland Paper Compan...
Kalamazoo; Michigan
[Cartons, Advertising p...
Date 1942-10-30
Location Kalamazoo; Michigan
Subject [Cartons, Advertising photography, Paper products industry--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Paper containers--Michigan--Kalamazoo, Packaging--Design]
Client [Sutherland Paper Company, Dilno, Gordon]
U.S. Plywood, can of Deep Finish wood finish
U.S. Plywood, can of De...
Kalamazoo; Michigan
[Advertising, Packaging...
Date 1969-01
Location Kalamazoo; Michigan
Subject [Advertising, Packaging--Design, U. S. Plywood Corporation, Wood finishing, Weldwood epoxy glue]
Client [U. S. Plywood Corporation, Kent, Dick]
U.S. Plywood, Weldwood Epoxy Glue in packaging
U.S. Plywood, Weldwood ...
Kalamazoo; Michigan
[Adhesives, Packaging--...
Date 1969-02
Location Kalamazoo; Michigan
Subject [Adhesives, Packaging--Design, Advertising--Epoxy compounds, Epoxy compounds]
Client U. S. Plywood Corporation
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