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Index map of Europe (Air) 1:500,000
United States. Army Map...
1:500,000 Europe (Air)
W 12º--E 36º/N 68º--N 3...
Contributor Great Britain. Directorate of Military Survey
Map Set Title 1:500,000 Europe (Air)
Temporal Coverage 1940-
Coordinate W 12º--E 36º/N 68º--N 36º
Index map of Northwest Europe 1:250,000
United States. Army Map...
North West Europe 1:250...
E 5º--W 15º/N 55º--N 45...
Contributor Great Britain. War Office. General Staff. Geographical Section.
Map Set Title North West Europe 1:250,000
Temporal Coverage 1944-
Coordinate E 5º--W 15º/N 55º--N 45º
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